Youth Leadership Conferences (YLC) and Youth Leadership Seminars (YLS)

MOWW YLC focuses on leadership, American heritage, the US government, the US Constitution, Free Enterprise System and the US economy and often with hands-on exercises. The outstanding student for each multi-day YLC can compete in an essay competition for cash prizes. MOWW YLC Resolution of Cooperation partners (e.g., the National Sojourners and the Joe Foss Institute) often assist.

Web Address
Phone 703-683-4911
Address 435 North Lee
Alexandria, VA 22314-2301
Start Date September 2, 2020
End Date July 30, 2021
Registration Deadline October 1, 2020
Grades 9-11
Days Missed 5 of 20 YLCs and none of the 10 YLS events do not require missing school. GPYLC requires missing 1 day, 5 (HSVYLC, NEYLC1 & 2, FFYLC, AIYLC) require missing 2-3 days depending on travel.
Scope National