A Powerful Idea for A Productive Student Lunch

Learn how you can implement a Power Hour at your school to create structure around providing daily support for at-risk students and enrichment for everyone. The initiative offers students the opportunity to grab lunch and go anywhere on campus—empowering them to have control over one hour in their school day. Teachers can have their duty-free lunch during one half of the hour and tutor students, offer support, sponsor clubs, or hold meetings during the other half. With Power Hour, students have access to extracurricular offerings during their regular school day, without being limited by athletic practices or lack of transportation. In the six years West Port High School in Ocala, FL has had Power Hour, they have gone from being the lowest performing high school in the district to the highest, increased their graduation rate to 97 percent, boosted overall school spirit, and witnessed course failure nearly vanish.

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Brad Staley
NC APOY 2016

Jayne Ellspermann
NASSP President