Identifying, Selecting, and Training Teacher Leaders to Build Climate

This webinar will feature the work of principals in The Wallace Foundation/NASSP Principal PLC. You will hear from experienced, knowledgeable principals about how to cultivate a climate that is “hospitable to education.”

Participants will:

  • Gain insights and takeaways that will enable them to build their school’s climate by developing teacher leaders, including the Cultivating School Climate tool
  • Learn how to identify, select, and train teacher leaders
  • Navigate tools to consider when identifying and selecting teacher leaders
  • Review how to motivate adult learners
  • Receive resources related to protocols for teacher leaders, managing conflicts, and effective coaching
  • Obtain a self-assessment document for teacher leaders to reflect on their practice

Principals in The Wallace Foundation/NASSP Principal PLC have engaged in professional learning communities for over two years, researching and testing elements of cultivating teacher leaders to successfully build distributive leadership at their schools in order to create a positive school climate.

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