Innovating for More Equitable Assessment

Approved by the U.S. Department of Education last summer, the Louisiana Innovative Assessment pilot will deliver a new model of English language arts and social studies assessment that yields instructionally relevant insights on student learning throughout the year.

NWEA, in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education and others, is developing this new research-backed approach that will focus on the interconnectedness of subject matter knowledge with a student’s ability to read it. Using multiple brief assessments tied to content taught over the course of the school year, the model supports equitable assessment, ensuring that each student has had the opportunity to be exposed to texts used on the tests. It will also help educators intervene earlier and provide additional instruction based on student need.

Watch Mike Nesterak, director of the NWEA Product Innovation Center, to learn more about the partnership on the pilot and the development of the new assessment model. Learn how this innovative model will combine content, standards, and local selection of texts to provide a fairer and more representative view of learning compared to traditional achievement tests.

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Mike Nesterak
director, Product Innovation Center, NWEA