What Principals Need to Know About Equitable Treatment of Transgender Youth

It has been reported that some transgender students are experiencing harassment and other access issues in public schools. In 2013, The Associated Press noted that this is a topic that “school administrators are grappling with nationwide.” With only a few legal opinions on the issue, school officials may be unclear about what approach to take. For example, what is the appropriate response to a request from a transgender student to use a locker room or restroom that aligns with his or her gender identity? Likewise, schools officials may not be sure how to respond to a transgender student’s request for a name change on an educational record. This presentation will address many of these questions and focus on recent litigation in this area.

Presenter, Suzanne Eckes, is an associate professor in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department at Indiana University. She is a coeditor of the Principal’s Legal Handbook and a coauthor of Principals Teaching the Law. Prior to joining the Indiana University faculty, Eckes was a high school French teacher and an attorney. She earned a master’s in education from Harvard University and a law degree and PhD from the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

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Suzanne Eckes