COVID-19 Resources

News and information about COVID-19 changes daily. As your professional organization, NASSP wants to ensure that our members are informed and prepared.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will share updates and additional resources as they become available.

NASSP Resources

NASSP Town Hall Series

  • March 26: Special introduction to “Leading Through Crisis.”—Learn more
  • March 31: Supporting Students, Families, and Staff—Learn more
  • April 2: Communicating in Crisis—Learn more
  • April 7: Leading Remote Learning—Learn more
  • April 9: Continuing the Life of the School—Learn more
  • April 14: Planning for Transition—Learn more
  • April 22: Staying True to IEPs During the COVID-19 Closure—Learn more
  • April 29: Meeting Each Student’s Learning Needs with Adaptive Technology—Learn more
  • May 7: State and Federal Policy Response to COVID-19—Learn more
  • May 20: What Does It Mean to Be a Trauma-Informed School in the New Normal?—Learn more
  • June 11: It Begins With a Single Step: Ramping Up Your School to Respond to Mass Trauma—Learn more
  • June 24: Building a Culture Before and Beyond COVID-19—Learn more

NASSP School of Thought Blog Posts

Quarantine Routines: An Educator’s Guide to Surviving a Quarantine

25 March 2021

You will have to quarantine. For many educators, these are the words we have lost sleep over, worried about hearing, and struggled to plan for when it does happen. While we are preparing lessons for our students who are at home learning and supporting our colleagues’ classes while they are at home, we are hoping […]

Overcoming Engagement Hurdles With Remote Learners

6 January 2021

In order to empower people on some level, you first need to engage them. It is nearly impossible to create a culture of learning if there are elements of boredom, inactivity, and lack of relevance. This is a lesson I learned most recently as a presenter and workshop facilitator. Early on, I used more traditional strategies […]

End of the Year Blog: Budget Deal and COVID-19 Relief Passed at the 11th Hour

22 December 2020

It has been a long time coming, but congressional leaders and the White House were able to agree on a massive legislative package that included all the FY 2021 appropriations bills and a $900 billion COVID-19 relief proposal. Passed by Congress and signed by President Trump on Monday, December 21, the bill contains desperately needed […]

What Principals Can Learn From ‘Cobra Kai’

24 November 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us all a lot, including a greater appreciation for the little things, like Netflix. With this new appreciation, I came across a TV series I may have skipped over pre-COVID: “Cobra Kai.” It might sound vaguely familiar to any of us old enough to remember the iconic 1984 movie “Karate […]

NASSP Works With Congress to Curb Educator Job Loss

19 November 2020

As the dust from the election continues to settle, many in Congress have begun to turn their attention back to addressing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on schools. There is renewed hope for a new COVID-19 relief package following Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) recent call for legislation to be passed before […]

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Leadership Through COVID-19

Remote Learning

Sustaining School Life

Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Resources

Use these resources as you navigate the challenges of school leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, and add your own information to the document to help support your community. This user-generated compilation belongs to you, our NASSP supporters, and is not curated by NASSP.

CDC Resources

The CDC has issued interim guidance for U.S. schools to plan, prepare, and respond to coronavirus. If you haven’t already, we strongly encourage you to read through this guidance, and proactively and frequently communicate plans with your administration, teachers, parents, and students. We also recommend that you provide information and communications in several languages so all members of your school community can stay informed.With tension on the rise, we also encourage you to correct any misinformation that is being shared so that students are not facing discrimination and xenophobia. Included below are several resources from the CDC that can be shared to inform your school community and correct any misinformation that is being spread.