Pricing and Technical Specifications

Principal Leadership magazine rates and guidelines

Ad Rates

Four-Color Rates

Space 1x 3x 9x 18x
Full page $6,450 $6,310 $5,885 $5,730
2/3 page $6,060 $5,845 $5,680 $5,410
1/2 page horizontal $5,025 $4,805 $4,615 $4,560
1/3 page $4,095 $4,040 $3,900 $3,770

Black-and-White Rates

Space 1x 3x 9x 18x
Full page $4,615 $4,510 $4,285 $3,935
2/3 page $4,245 $3,990 $3,880 $3,605
1/2 page horizontal $3,225 $3,140 $2,950 $2,760
1/3 page $2,320 $2,240 $2,100 $1,965

Two-color rates available on request.

Cover Rates

Cover 2 $7,895
Cover 3 $7,760
Cover 4 $8,000

Note: Special covers are NOT subject to cancellation.

Inserts available upon request. Contact:

Ben Anderson
MCI Group

Ad Sizes

Space Width and Depth
Full page bleed 9.25 x 11.125″
Full page 8.5 x 10.375″
2/3 page 4.516 x 9.541″
1/2 page horizontal 7.625 x 4.5″
1/3 page square 3.8167 x 3.8167″
1/3 page vertical 2.166 x 9.541″

Mechanical Requirements
Printed web offset

Trim size 9 x 10.875″
Bleed size 9.25 x 11.125″
Safety 1/4″ inside trim
Binding Saddle stitched

If your advertisement requires special placement (e.g., right facing, front section), add 10% to the appropriate advertising rate. There is no additional charge for bleeds.

Digital Specifications


The magazine is produced using Adobe InDesign CC for Mac. All materials must be SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) compliant.

The following file formats are listed in order of preference:

  • Adobe InDesign Creative Suite or Creative Cloud, with all Postscript fonts and image files used.
  • Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite or Creative Cloud, with type converted to outlines, saved as .eps, and with files linked.
  • Acrobat PDF/X-1a files. PDF ads must be 300 dpi at the desired print size, process color with fonts and art embedded. Please include all printer’s marks and a 1/4” bleed on your PDF file. Art should originate in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator.
  • Adobe Photoshop saved as high-resolution 300 dpi .eps.


Images must be submitted as SWOP (CMYK or Grayscale) .tif, .eps, or .jpg in final high-resolution format, 300 dpi. We do not scan or place images for advertisers. All files must be linked appropriately to layout. No RGB formats will be accepted. Do not nest .eps files into other .eps files. Do not embed ICC Profiles within files. Files should be right reading, portrait mode (no rotations), 100% size.


All layout and art files must be converted to CMYK mode as a process color equivalent. PMS inks are not used; files for two-color ads must be converted to CMYK to match the desired color. If color mode is not submitted as CMYK and appropriate proofs do not accompany files, publisher cannot be held responsible for color reproduction.


All type fonts used in ad layouts must accompany files, both screen and printer versions. PostScript Type 1 and Open Typeface fonts are acceptable. Submit printer and screen fonts as well as all fonts embedded in graphics. TrueType and Multiple Master fonts or font substitutions cannot be accepted.

File submission

How To Submit Files

Submit files to:

Ben Anderson
MCI Group


NASSP will charge a fee for any resizing, mechanical and production services, or corrections to existing ads.


Completed inserts must be supplied, ready for binding, in sufficient quantity to match the press run for the scheduled issue. Contact Ben Anderson at or 410-584-1975 for press run before printing your insert. A sample must be provided to Principal Leadership staff at least 45 days before publication. NASSP has the right to require that “Advertisement” be printed on any insert resembling editorial or run-of-book material.