Building Ranks™

Building Ranks | K–12 | A Comprehensive Framework for Effective School Leaders

Building Ranks™: Educational Leadership in Practice

Introducing Building Ranks™, an actionable leadership framework that defines the why and what of effective educational leadership—then provides the how. Grounded in best practices and proven research, it helps principals meet the needs of their learning community members by focusing on two domains, Building Culture and Leading Learning.

Building Ranks domains target 15 leadership dimensions, such as wellness, equity, relationships, innovation, collaborative leadership, and global-mindedness, to guide principals in tailoring their practices to their individual education setting.

The Building Ranks framework:

  • Helps school leaders enhance their learning environments to ensure the success, safety, and emotional well-being of their learning community members.

  • Aligns with the National Policy Board for Educational Administration’s (NPBEA) Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) and the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) standards.

  • Provides a common understanding and unified language for implementing standards across all grade levels

  • Is validated by What the Research Shows: Building Ranks in Action, an annotated literature review of research

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This standards-based leadership growth framework is suitable for many audiences, including individual school leaders, district leaders, superintendents, state associates, and principal preparation programs. Plus, Building Ranks is backed by What the Research Shows: Building Ranks in Action, which documents the empirical research supporting the Building Ranks framework and its two domains of effective leadership, Building Culture and Leading Learning, as well as the 15 dimensions within these domains.

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The Building Ranks framework is brought to life by the Educational Leadership Product Suite:

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Check out the Building Ranks guide that illuminates the framework through reflection exercises, practice tools, case studies, and more.

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