Building Ranks | K–12 | A Comprehensive Framework for Effective School Leaders

The Diagnostic of Educational Leadership Practice

The online Diagnostic of Educational Leadership Practice is a “day in the life” simulation, which can be done at the pace of your school leaders and gives them scenarios such as responding to parent voicemails, classroom observation, email management, and more. As the subscriber, you will see the results of their diagnostic in your data dashboard. Their scores will be provided in the context of the Building Ranks framework, so you will be able to see where their strengths and areas for growth fall among the leadership domains and dimensions.

The diagnostic also:

  • Gives you data you can assess both individually and across all of your principals, which you can then use to implement changes immediately in your district
  • Allows you to create more effective professional learning communities by pairing strong leaders with those who need more support
  • Enables you to compare your school leaders’ actual practice against community perception, which will be revealed in the product suite surveys

“The Diagnostic of Educational Leadership Practice seems like a much better way to gauge proficiency than a multiple-choice test, which is what my state currently uses to grant licenses to school administrators.”
“This experience allowed me to move outside of my small school lens. I was able to put myself in a variety of hypothetical situations and test my reactions.”
“I really liked the platform and would love if this replaced traditional assessments.”
“I have desired a tool that would allow me to ‘virtually’ manage a school so that I could learn new skills without having an adverse impact on my school. I have often said that new principals need a virtual simulated school to start so that they could learn to put theory into practice.”

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