School Culture Survey

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Building Ranks™ School Culture Survey

Positive school culture is critical for ensuring the success, safety, and emotional well-being of the students and adults school leaders serve. The Building Ranks™ School Culture Survey allows school leaders to gain insight on the health of their school culture using feedback from their full learning community: students, teachers, non-certified staff, parents, and broader community members. Not only does the survey enrich relationships with people beyond the school’s walls, but it also enhances student and staff morale. This survey generates both meaningful discussion and reflection that allow school leaders to create more appropriate goals, training programs, and action plans that are tailored for their specific learning environment.

The School Culture Survey:

  • Aligns with educational leadership standards and is organized around the two domains and 15 dimensions of Building Ranks
  • Is confidential and anonymous
  • Provides school leaders with detailed feedback from students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members on the school’s culture
  • Presents detailed, colorful, visual reports of data
  • Takes only 15–20 minutes to complete

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