Building Ranks | K–12 | A Comprehensive Framework for Effective School Leaders

Putting Leadership Into Practice Through Interactive Workshops

Creating successful leaders of powerhouse schools

The Building Ranks™ framework will help you decipher the why and what of successful school leadership in our contemporary education landscape — and these workshops bring it all to life by demonstrating how.

Aligned with PSEL and NELP standards, these interactive workshops will guide your aspiring and practicing school leaders in reflecting upon their strengths and areas of growth, and then tailoring their practice to their learning communities. Sessions introduce school leaders to the two foundational domains of Building Culture and Leading Learning, encompassing 15 dimensions such as wellness, equity, relationships, innovation, collaborative leadership, and global-mindedness. Choose from the 90-minute, half-day, or full-day formats.

In the introductory 90-minute workshop, principals:

  • Learn the framework
  • Explore the framework’s dimensions
  • Connect with colleagues

In the half-day workshop, principals:

  • Explore one of the dimensions pertinent to their learning community
  • Create plans to cultivate their leadership growth
  • Build networks
  • Take away strategies and resources to put into immediate practice

In the full-day workshop, principals:

  • Investigate several dimensions in depth
  • Identify professional strengths and challenges
  • Hear firsthand experiences
  • Build networks
  • Develop actionable plans for their schools

Price Calculator

  • Costs include engagement fee and materials. Trainer expenses (travel, hotel, and meals) will be invoiced separately.
  • Workshops must be scheduled at least four weeks in advance and require payment to secure the date.
  • For more information about Building Ranks, please contact us.

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