Module 1: Developing Leadership Skills for Change

In this module, explore how educators hone their own leadership skills as well as strategies for identifying potential leaders among staff and students.

Together, through a framework of collaborative innovation within the school community, school-wide goals and a pace to achieve them are set. The spirit of leadership should thrive at every level of the school.

Inclusive Leadership See how to embrace an inclusive style of leadership by asking, "What can I do to improve myself and those around me?" View Transcript
Student Leadership Student leaders empower themselves, their classmates and their school. See how to identify and galvanize student leaders as essential partners in learning. View Transcript

Collaborative Activities

Activity 1 — Building Ranks Framework

Activity 2 — Mentored by the Best

Activity 3 — Developing Local School Leaders

Activity 4 — What Great Principals Do!

Activity 5 — Developing Student Leaders

Activity 6 — What Keeps You Up at Night?

Activity 7 — Unpacking the New Professional Standards for Education; Leaders 2015

Activity 8 — Skills for Change

Activity 9 — Building Leadership Capacity

Activity 10 — Effective Administrative Practices