Module 2: Using Data to Assess and Inform School Change

Learn about collecting data and sharing the results with teachers and students, so they too can begin to draw their own inferences.

A simple reflection exercise at the end of class lets a teacher know where his students stand in relation to his effectiveness and that of the other teachers in his department. When it comes to using data: collect, reflect, analyze and prepare for quantifiable school change.

Ownership of Data

Data tells the story of an entire school and can help shape the story of one's improvement. See how students can own information and why it's imperative they do. View Transcript

Improve Teaching Methods

Watch data-based classroom activities abound as principals and teachers share their strategies for connecting with students, helping them see themselves in the data they collect. View Transcript

Professional Development

Learn how schools that create professional learning communities through weekly professional development sessions, discover—and shape—their true "data story." View Transcript

Collaborative Activities

Activity 1 — Zap the Gap

Activity 2 — Data to Focus Instruction

Activity 3 — Data for Change

Activity 4 — Data Team Skills

Activity 5 — Your School Profile

Activity 6 — Equitable School Culture

Activity 7 — Programmatic Equity