Module 3: Creating a College-Going Culture

It takes a whole school to create a culture of college-readiness.

From sweeping initiatives in collaboration with nearby colleges, to the simplest everyday actions, this module explores how educators can reach out and make college a possibility for every high school student.

Culture From Within

Watch as schools create institutions that shift students’ attitudes toward college. It can begin with the smallest change, such as putting up posters in the hallways or having a designated day when faculty wear college T-shirts. View Transcript

College Advising

A college advisor and advising office provides a permanent, established and welcoming presence on campus toward college readiness. See how you can establish a place where students can seek out answers and guidance they might not have otherwise known was available. View Transcript

Families and Communities

When you get students—and their families—involved in the school, success rates skyrocket. See how to keep parents informed, involved, and at ease to create and accelerate a community-wide college going culture. View Transcript

Collaborative Activities

Activity 1 — Improving College Readiness

Activity 2 — Missing Pieces

Activity 3 — Designing a College & Career Readiness Program

Activity 4 — Academic Rigor

Activity 5 — Increased Rigor

Activity 6 — College Readiness

Activity 7 — Student Preparation