Module 6: Leading and Teaching for Student Learning

All classrooms are diverse in a variety of ways, including culture, gender, learning style, language, reading level, disability, income, resources and ethnicity.

Because engagement and references to prior knowledge and experiences improve learning outcomes, schools must focus on the structures, policies and practices that facilitate optimal learning. This module uses data to inform instruction and provide the differentiation that supports learning.

Creating Conditions for Leadership and Student Learning

Learn strategies to build an equitable environment through common assessments, open dialogues and trust-building class exercises. View Transcript

Teacher Leaders in the Greater Community

When faced with external impediments to student learning, see how school leaders can use community support groups, outreach and response to intervention strategies to support individual student learning. View Transcript

Collaborative Activities

Activity 1 — How to Change Instructional Practices

Activity 2 — Motivating EACH Student to Learn

Activity 3 — Teacher Leaders

Activity 4 — Rigor & Relevance

Activity 5 — Building Teacher Capacity

Activity 6 — Instructional Differentiation

Activity 7 — Implementing RtI