Module 7: Collaborative Leadership: Mentoring and Coaching

This module prepares experienced leaders and teachers to work with colleagues and students to fulfill their aspirations for success.

Mentoring and coaching are important skills in to developing leadership in student-to-student, teacher-to-teacher and parent-to-student contexts. Building relationships, observing behavior, giving feedback, asking the right questions, listening, and analyzing data in a nonthreatening environment expands knowledge, improves leadership practices and develops insights that lead to enhanced performance.

Mentoring Students

School staff members who take an active interest in students’ performance spark a chain reaction of increased mutual respect and individual growth that leads to changes in students' expectations of themselves. View Transcript

Student-to-Student Mentoring

Watch as students are given opportunities to lead and instruct one another. The result? A higher standard of conduct, sense of fellowship and overall stake in making the school community a better one. View Transcript

Mentoring Staff

Watch as school leaders come together in collegial relationships to talk about real problems and real solutions, as well as the benefits of instituting professional learning communities (PLCs). View Transcript

Collaborative Activities

Activity 1 — Leaders as Mentors

Activity 2 — Activity Mentoring Students for Academic Success

Activity 3 — Parent Coaches

Activity 4 — Student Mentors

Activity 5 — Teacher to Teacher