Module 8: Personalizing The School Experience

If high achievement for each student is the goal of reform, then personalization is an essential ingredient.

Personalization provides learning that is based on student experience and learning style with a supportive instructional environment that brings a sense of belonging to the school and encourages students to take ownership of their own learning. The outcome of this process is improved student learning.

Crafting a Culture of Personalization

Watch personalization at work, in every sense of the word. When students embark on academic internships, they experience firsthand just how their education prepares them to accomplish real-world projects. Those projects, in turn, help shape their academic and professional futures. View Transcript

Personalization Through Advisory

See how school leaders implement advisory so that students know that the leaders are not only on their side, but also on their case. Learn how Menominee Indian Middle School’s “Reach and Teach” advisory program nurtures student growth. View Transcript

Community and Personalized Engagement

How can a school, college and student benefit simultaneously? Learn how a school can foster ties with a community college district that bolsters the school’s mission to provide students with greater resources and a more personalized education. View Transcript

Collaborative Activities

Activity 1 — Personalization through Customization

Activity 2 — Reclaiming Personalization!

Activity 3 — Advisories

Activity 4 — Transitions

Activity 5 — Personalization Consensus

Activity 6 — Developmentally Appropriate Personalization

Activity 7 — Personalizing Your School